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My name is Sherri Boseski and I believe in equal rights for all US Citizens. This is my web page to explain how I joined the military and was repeatedly beaten and involuntary committed to cover-up rape crimes. I love my country and want what is right for me and other rape victims without the violation of individual rights and US Constitutional Law.

FBI’s Refusal to Take a Report 2015

I was infected in E. Orange, NJ Veterans Hospital by the OB/GYN doctor, with a nitrate positive organism without White Blood Cells  which can be easily missed by patient and some providers. I was infected a second time when I went to E. Orange for exacerbation of my PTSD.  I believe the organism I was exposed to is a rare organism. I was infected on Fort Lewis with a similar organism. At East Orange NJ it happened during a vaginal exam with a speculum. I routinely test my own urine because I was infected with an organism that is nitrate producing without White Blood Cells through sexual intercourse after being RAPED, I believe the agent can be placed on a penis, condom, or any vaginal insert like a speculum. I tested my urine the morning of the vaginal exam at E. Orange and it had no nitrates or white blood cells, I also had a normal vaginal Ph.
While serving on Fort Lewis after being raped I had a similar infection with the same lab results of being nitrate positive without white blood cells. The Army refused to identify the organism, when I went for an exam after the rape and gave a urine sample. No rape report was ever taken on Fort Lewis after I reported the rape. Usual antibiotics would not cure the infection such as Bactrim or Levoquin. I needed IM Rocephine to cure the infection and the Army would not give the medication to me. I had to get it myself outside their system, it was the only antibiotic that worked. I do not know what the organism is? My medical records were falsified by providers.
I am a rape trauma survivor and attended a summit for rape trauma survivors in Washington D.C. and not even Senator Mendez, ,  would take the time to listen to my experience in the Army. My experience could have consequences for other women and being a military sexual trauma survivor and service member he could of spared ten minutes of his day, if he was truly interested in women’s issues.  At the summit, Senator Kerry and some resembling General Ordireno spoke of rape and murder of women. The person who looked like General Orderino,  stated he was a Navy Captain and a rape victim. I did not know who General Orderino was, If this man’s story was made up, I wonder if humiliating rape victims was his goal.  Not everyone who ever served in the Army knows what General Ordireno looks like, I did not at the time, I thought this monster of a man was who he said he was and believed his story.

I assume the women in war zones who are either forced, coerced, or even willing sexual partners with soldiers can be infected with this biological weapon de jure, if they do or say something that displeases the US military or if the Army simply orders the soldiers to use the biological against women, who the Army may deem as friendly’s. My experience scars me, and I believe it was attempt to keep me silent.  I believe these methods could be used to silence others who are being exploited for sex.
I was also systematically denied a breast biopsy for two years by multiple hospitals, despite having the definition of lumps that require a biopsy. The multiple medical errors seems unlikely statistically.   I will supply medical records in later blogs demonstrating my claims of perpetually negligence.   If my call to the FBI sounds desperate its because I could not get anyone to listen to my claims of rape and then retaliation by the Army.       Denying me medical care makes me angry, frustrated, and humiliated all at once.  It is not beyond comprehension that the government can get medical providers prevent people some people from getting appropriate care, such as in Nazi Germany. The elimination of undesirable people, deemed by the state was systematic and the medical community participated.

This is how the Army, the FBI, and my local law enforcement has treated me since I have reported police corruption,  false arrests, false imprisonment prior to OBC, in Bergen Regional, and rape by a special forces soldier, who had SERE training, my recruiter.  My recruiter, must have made it clear to other soldiers I was an easy target and no one would care if they raped me. No FBI agent ever showed up to take I a report.

One of my neighbors died on my block, after I returned from Fort Lewis WA after being falsely imprisoned due to a false confession derived through torture by the Army. My neighbor confined that EMS would not come to his house, and he even called police to attempt to get them to come to his house and the police refused to deploy EMS.  He was my only friend on the block at the time. I was illegally taken by EMS in our town and brought to an state run mental hospital named Bergen Regional. So I believed his story of EMS refusing him services.

I live across the street from the chief of police of my town, who was involved in my false arrests. The town of N. Arlington, NJ has been involved in illegal activities in the past including, misappropriation of funds through public works in years past and other corruption which I have experienced personally. I believe the police have turned some neighbors against me, stating if I win the law suite taxes will go up.

My neighbor , who died, stated he could not call EMS because they refused to respond to his calls and he had heart disease and other aliments.   I believe my neighbor’s death might have been prevented if he could have called EMS. No person in any town should be denied access to municipal services especially life saving one’s because the police do not like you.  I know police do not like me and my friend who died said the police did not like him either.  This is written to explain the context of the call, which appears disjointed but is actually an exacerbated person who is desperate to give all the details of the illegal activities perpetrated against her before the FBI hangs up again.  This was not the first time the FBI hung up on me.

Phone Message With Back Ground Noise

This is the phone message I received when I perused removing the false felony conviction from my record in WA State. I was forced to take a plea against my will under threat of death and was exposed to other forms of torture. I believe the Army used the premise of learned helplessness.  WA State violated its jurisdiction by confining me on base and having me committed to an Army psych ward without a hearing.  Sherri Boseski RN APN-C, former Army Captain

Snohomish County Commsioner linked to fraud and RICO activity; Spokane Judge linked to corruption 

Dear Anne;

Judge Tabor of Olympia WA violated my rights and his jurisdiction by confining me to Fort Lewis while I awaited trial. You are supposed to have a military tribunal do this but because he was a former JAG he violated jurisdictional boundaries. I was confined on base further sexual exploited I was arrested by Tumwater police after I reported being RAPED to Command. I was threatened with death if I did not plea to assaulting an officer they tased me. Further more I was confined to a room on base that had low level background noise with subliminal messages. Some one recently left a message on my phone using the same technique but the words were audible. Stating “You are nothing but a Dumb Slut who never should have taken her oath of office.” I can provide with this evidence.
Anyway I later found out that the Army has technology like this using background noise with subliminal messages to make people crazy. I have a hypothesis that it has been experimented on civilians and this is why there have been so many mass murders lately. I can prove my story of corruption of WA Judiciary and the Army and provide you the tape of my threats. attempted to report the phone call to the FBI but they hung up. I am a nurse and my career was destroyed. The military experiment on me. I still think the mass murders are guilty but being exposed to subliminal messages myself it quiet annoying and could drive an unstable person over the edge.


Be patient, I am working on two stories involving fraud and judicial members in Washington State. One involving Snohomish County Commisioner Geoffrey Gibbs and the other involving Spokane Judge Plese.
In each, Washington State Bar members are involved and in one Spokane County case it involves a drug dealer named C. Fleck who plead guilty to felony charges after the FBI caught him chopping up cars he stole from Montana to Washington State. This man also tried to run me off Ben Howard Rd in Monroe in October 2014.

The Spokane case involves a WA State Bar hearing officer and attorney named Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend and another attorney who works with O’Dell at 1312 Monroe St Spokane Washington. O’Dell is also the WA State Bar hearing officer caught accepting bribes from Snohomish County pedophile and former Director John E Pennington to fix a grievance.
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