Sign a Petition to Stop Involuntary Commitment of Sherri Boseski to Bergen Regional in Paramus, NJ. False Charges have been filed by Sgt Encarnanco and Police Officer Farrell; North Arlington is attempting to silence a rape victim; I will forward the names to Governor Chris Christie, Senator Corey Booker, and Senator Menendez

Please Sign the Petition to Stop a Illegal Commitment of Me “Sherri Boseski” to silence a rape victim.

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Sherri Boseski, was court ordered by Superior Court in Hackensack, NJ, to enter the Army in 2005 by Judge McGeady.  Due to multiple illegal arrests and beatings by police in North Arlington. North Arlington refused to answer to the court regarding them beating me and North Arlington perjured themselves on the stand in a kangaroo court headed by Judge McGeady.  Sherri Boseski was unable to get work as a Registered Nurse due to her illegal conviction.  After being court ordered into the military in 2005, Sherri Boseski was repeatedly raped by her recruiter and then involuntarily committed to Bergen Regional Medical Center, before leaving for Officer Basic Course in Texas.

These illegal acts by the government, were an effort to conceal rape crimes and prevent vindication, of innocent parties and intimidate Sherri Boseski.  Sherri Boseski, served in the military from 2006-2009, until she was re-arrested and falsely accused of assaulting police officers in Tumwater, Washington.  Sherri Boseski was court ordered to take anti-psychotics such as Risperdal, institutionalized at Madigan Army Medical Hospital on Fort Lewis, threatened with shock treatment and loss of her nursing licensure. Sherri Boseski was also threatened with a dishonorable discharge, and imprisonment for 40 years, if she did not confess to the crimes; she was accussed of by Tumwater Police.  Sherri Boseski, was forced to accept a plea bargain against her will.  Sherri Boseski, was forced into Washington State’s work release program, insisting she utilize a pre-intervention program for veterans.  Sherri Boseski found work at the Dollar Tree in Washington State in order to stay in the work release program.

Recently, in 2016, Sherri Boseski, has been assaulted by local police department in Bergen County.  Three municipalities Lyndhurst, Garfield, and North Arlington police have all assaulted Sherri Boseski in an effort to silence her and have conspired to intimidate Sherri Boseski, a rape trauma victim.  For over ten years, Sherri Boseski has suffered rape, torture, discrimination, bank fraud, and social isolation to cover-up rape and war crimes.  Recent proceedings to Institutionalize, Sherri Boseski at Bergen Regional have commenced after yet another assault by North Arlington Police Officers.  Police Officers Encarnancao and Police Officer Farrell filed false charges against Sherri Boseski and are pursuing wrongful criminal charges against Sherri Boseski in Bergen County Superior Court by Judge McGeady.  Sherri Boseski is charged with assaulting two Officers’ in uniform.  Officer Encarnanco swore under oath; Sherri Boseski stated she, was going to kill a police officer the next time she saw him and filed other wrongful charges as did Officer Farrell.  Proceedings to institutionalize Sherri Boseski have been commenced at Bergen Regional Medical Center, in Paramus, NJ.  Sherri Boseski is not a threat to society and is being wrongfully prosecuted to cover-up rape crimes.